All said and done, there seems to be a subtle balance to Jennifer Aniston’s life, a yin-yang of career and love. She deserves the best. And considering that the movie offers keep rolling in, she’ll recover from this latest flop soon enough.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a sucker for romantic movies (Seriously, I have seen almost every movie in the romance section of Netflix). During so, I laugh, I cry, I sigh at the thought of having such an incredibly romantic situation in my life in which I meet the right guy. Afterwords, however, comes the realization that this type of situation has not nor has ever happened to me. Yes, people can lead romantic lives, but often times they are portrayed very unrealistically. That being said, you should still be able to enjoy good, cheesy, romantic movies from time to time here’s how.

Appreciate what you’ve got.

Even if you’re single, you should feel grateful about the awesome things happening in your life. The main characters in romance films often don’t have the best things going for them. At least you’re not a crappy real estate agent and your husband, Gerard Butler, didn’t die of a brain tumor (and if you are…I am truly sorry, but you get what I’m talking about).

See these movies as entertainment, not love advice.

As much as I believe some movies can teach us good morals, these romance films are not here to tell you what you should do to find love or what is wrong with your love life. Most of the time, these are just made up stories with glorified situations. They are not realistic and shouldn’t be taken as such! Not to say love can’t be great, of course it can! But it takes a lot of work.

Don’t always watch them alone.

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