I tend to agree. Too many people in today's society are raised with a victim attitude including those who think they are entitled to compensation of some ilk. If we can all strive to learn to take charge of our own lives and own up to what has transpired, I think, as a society, we could move forward to happier and healthier lives at an astounding rate. Being a 'victim' is a society created construct that lies within your own mind.

This happened to be the way I was raised. Accept it. Deal with it. Learn what you can from it. And then move on. Maybe that's why I suppressed the memory of my first incident; I wasn't ready to deal with it. Then when I was, it came back and I moved on.

One of the greatest sayings in helping to deal with life that I have come across is: The majority of all stress in life is created by fighting against what is. If we can learn to accept 'what is' and move forward, we eliminate the stress.

This is not to say that we can't do something about it, but we are most effective in doing something when we have truly accepted that what is, is (or was, was), and then learning from it and moving forward in whatever endeavor best fits the person and situation. Sitting and 'whining' about it does us no good, and actually further exacerbates the stress.

I firmly believe that it is within everyone's mental capability to not be a victim. Some people may need a little help though.

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