When I read stuff that makes my hair stand on end, these days I try to step back and assume that there is something I do not understand, instead of jumping to the conclusion that what is being discussed is bad, unhealthy, non-consensual, etc.

by Sarah Cavendish on 2004 Aug 30 - 11:02 | reply to this comment Consent is everything Personally, I think Ms Dworkin is a despicable human being (deeply damaged to be sure, but she chooses to write, so that would make her responsible). She's the kind of "feminist" misogynists love and quotes like "the phallus and the rod (stick, cane, paddle, etc.) are much the same, [b]oth are controlled by the man and are used on the woman, [b]oth can bring a woman into subjection," sound like vintage Dworkin to me...

As for me, I'm a staunch Libertarian when it comes to issues of sexual relations and I take pride and pleasure in being able to get under the skin of both the traditionalist Right and the PC Left. I believe that there is nothing more precious to us than our freedom to live our lives as we wish to: that's why I believe in gay marriage and "traditional" male dominant relationships. Why? Because those are choices people are free to make, and all consenting adults should be able to form the kind of relationship they wish to with no interference from the church, government or anyone else at all. But, yes, consent is everything and if you try to bring someone else into the kind of relationship you believe is right and proper without first discussing it with them, then... Well, as I say, you may get lucky, fulfill their wildest fantasies, push their deepest emotional buttons and win their eternal affection, or you may end up in a world of physical, emotional and legal hurt.

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