by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Sep 15 - 15:58 | reply to this comment Bravo indeed! Sarah,

This is a wonderful definition of a vision which is both uniquely yours and shared by so many others.

As for critics, I think it's inevitable that one will get criticism, both constructive and deeply un-, from all quarters whenever one states a strongly held personal opinion, particularly if that opinion has any political dimension (cannons to the Left of you, cannons to the Right of you...). If you can tune out the ad feminem attacks, finding smart, interesting people to disagree with can be a wonderful way of helping define your own thinking and vision, as you've shown here in this "apologia pro sua blog."

Sarah, you're a lovely lady, a wonderful spirit and a terrific writer -- long may you blog!

by Max Maximovich on 2004 Sep 15 - 16:47 | reply to this comment Well Said... Sarah,

Just remember that pioneers, innovators, and others with creative juices naturally find themselves on the forefront. Being in this position is risky - not the least of which is the risk of exposing yourself to criticism, naysayers and others who could never assume that role.

Just keep moving forward and the noise of the rabble becomes only a sound in the distance.

Sam (of Sam and Missy)

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Sep 15 - 16:53 | reply to this comment What Taken In Hand is About Before I address what I feel "Taken In Hand" is All About I would like to give the lot of you all a little background of why and when I became involved in Taken In Hand. I feel the need to do this as this is my first post ever.

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